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TitoloBusiness Architecture for Process-Oriented Learning in Public Administration

Autori Silingas D., Thönssen B., Pierantonio A., Efendioglu N., Woitsch R.

In Business and Dynamic Change: The Arrival of Business Architecture. pp. 1 - 230. United States: Future Strategies, Incorporated (June 3, 2015), 2015.

Public Administrations are undergoing a transformation of their perceived role from controllers to proactive service providers in modern society. Moreover, the PAs are under pressure to improve their service quality constantly while coping with quickly changing contexts and decreasing budgets. The Learn PAd project supports process-driven collaborative knowledge sharing and process improvement on a user-friendly basis of wiki pages together with guidance based on formalized models. This approach was described in chapter that was written for book - Business and Dynamic Change: the Arrival of Business Architecture ( The chapter describes the approach of how to use Business Architecture for Process-Oriented Learning in Public Administration.

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