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TitoloInter-organizational Business Process Verification in Public Administration

Autori Cognini R., Corradini F., Polini A., Re B.

In Business Process Management Journal., vol. 21 article n. 5. Emerald, 2015.


DOI 10.1108/BPMJ-02-2014-0013

Public Administration services are the result of a close collaboration among different offices. Such collaboration can be modelled and analysed using notations and tools based on the Business Process abstraction. Applying Business Process Management approaches Public Administrations can better react to the undergoing service transformation thanks to a continuous monitoring, modelling, analysis, and re-design of running activities. This contributes to the improvement of services quality in order to satisfy better citizens and business requests, while Public Administrations have to cope with decreasing budgets. Main aim of this paper is to demonstrate that Business Process Management and in particular formal analysis of Business Processes can contribute to the governance of the interactions among Public Administrations, which more and more need to be supported by ICT mechanisms, and then are not so much tolerant to loose process specification. Business Process verification approach is introduced by using a mapping from a high level notation (such as BPMN 2.0) to a formal notation (such as Petri Nets) for which formal analysis techniques are already available. The verification step is implemented by using an unfolding based technique. A tool chain has been also realized by a plug-in for the Eclipse platform.

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