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TitleKPI Ontology and Learners Assessment Mechanisms

Author Thönssen B., Witschel F., Woitsch R.

Public Administrations need to ensure that their employees (civil servants) are able to learn fast how to correctly execute relevant business processes and hence meet their business goals on strategic and operational levels. Concerning the strategic business goals, they hence need to derive operational goals and learning goals, i.e. for each organisational goal, they need to answer the question: hich competencies do civil servants need to acquire in order to help achieve that business goal? Having identified the learning goals, Public Administrations - in order to take appropriate actions and implement suitable measures for learning - must be able to identify the gaps in civil servants' competencies, to track progress in closing them and to provide guidance and support to employees in the learning process. Tracking progress can be done e.g. via suitable (learning) KPIs. This deliverable describes the design of a comprehensive solution to the above challenges: it outlines how we studied the example of the Titolo Unico process to understand typical goals and KPIs that were required to plan and track learning in a real workplace environment. Based on the insights from this domain analysis, we elaborate a meta-model, suited to model all relevant aspects of a learning scorecard - a tool that helps to model learning goals, connect them to organisational goals and define KPIs for assessing their achievement. To illustrate the approach, we have created a learning scorecard with strategic, operational and learning goals and corresponding KPIs for the Titolo Unico process. We have taken care to keep the elements generic such that they will suit different business processes in different Public Administrations. Finally, we describe the design of a dashboard to visualise goal achievements. In addition to these concepts, we also introduce methods for assessing learning outcomes, i.e. for measuring KPI values: we show how learners' achievements can be measured on the basis of traces from the collaborative workspace and simulation environment and we discuss the design of questionnaires that can be used to test civil servants' knowledge about certain relationships captured in domain and process models. A prototypical implementation of these methods has been performed.

Subject Learning Assessment
Learning Goals
Key Performance Indicators
KPI Ontology
Learning Scorecard
Assessment Procedures

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