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TitleSemantics for the Wiki - Final Iteration

Author Efendioglu N., Witschel F., Thönssen B., Emmenegger S., Hinkelmann K., Laurenzi E.

Deliverable D5.5 focuses on extensions of the Wiki that exploit the knowledge stored in the Learn PAd ontology in order to provide broader navigation possibilities and personalisation options to learners. Navigation is enhanced by injecting entry points and context menus into the text displayed on Wiki pages. Regardless of whether the text is exported from models or contributed by Learn PAd users, it will be analysed in order to identify mentions of ontology concepts of certain type - persons, links to documents and organisational units. Such mentions are highlighted and equipped with a context menu that learners can use to navigate the ontology. That is, they can choose among various options to navigate to representations of other ontology concepts that are related to the one mentioned in the text that they are currently reading. Thus, from within the context of their learning (i.e. while reading a Wiki page), they can traverse relevant parts of the Learn PAd ontology to get broader insights. Further, personalisation concepts are also based on the recognition of ontological concepts and on being able to bookmark them. Learners can decide to create an association between a bookmarked entity and the current context in which they encountered it. This leads to a process-oriented categorization of bookmarks that - when reviewed later by that person - will support process-based learning. We finally report on an extension of earlier work, namely the concretisation of the concept of retrofitting civil servants' contributions to Learn PAd models.

Subject Ontology Supported Learning
Enriched Learning Experiences
Collaborative Content Management
Collaborative Workspace
Recommendation in Context
Information Extraction
Contextual Navigation
Networked Learning
Adaptive Learning
SPIN rules

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