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TitleDemonstrators Assessment

Author Sergiacomi A.

Work Package 8, titled Demonstrators, aimed at providing support to the technical and research work packages for better focusing on their activities, and at assessing the applicability, acceptance and effectiveness of the proposed solutions. An early validation was carried out considering the first running instance of the Learn PAd platform available (since 06 November 2015). A group of users, sampled from both project demonstrators (EPBR and SUAP), tested the Learn PAd platform and provided us with feedback and comments to improve it. From a methodological perspective, in the early validation we run a questionnaire and collected technical and detailed opinions from a focus group with influential people, skilled in computer science or in education. In this deliverable we present the aims, setting and results of the final validation run on the latest running instance of the Learn PAd platform available, which includes all the Learn PAd definitive components. From a methodological perspective, in the final validation we submitted a questionnaire ex-ante to assess learners' competences and experiences, and a questionnaire ex-post to assess their possible improvements in knowledge, skills and competence, acquired at the conclusion of a training session lasting two working weeks (since 14 September 2016). The ex-post questionnaire also aimed at surveying the degree of user satisfaction and engagement and at asking their opinion regarding usability, efficacy and completeness of the Learn PAd Platform. The final validation involved 61 users (31 learners were involved in using the Learn PAd platform and 30 learners, referred to as the matching control group, worked within another regional e-learning platform called MARLENE).

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