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TitleFinal Learn PAd Metamodels and Implementation of Model Transformations for Managing Business Processes Models in Public Administrations

Author Pierantonio A.

This deliverable reports on the tooling chain and related architecture that have been designed and implemented in the context of the Learn PAd project. In particular, a transformation platform has been proposed to underpin the proposed informative learning approach: starting from an enriched business process model, an associated wiki structure is automatically generated. To this end, a final Learn PAd metamodel and associated modeling environments have been defined starting from the preliminary metamodel given in the previous WP3 deliverable D3.2.

Subject Metamodel
Conceptual Model
Platform Specific Metamodel
Domain Specific Modeling Language
Model Driven Development
Competency Metamodel
Document and Knowledge Metamodel
Metamodel Composition
Model Transformation
Model-2-Model Transformation
Model-2-Text Transformation
Eclipse Modeling Framework

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