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TitleLearn PAd: Model-based Social Learning for Public Administrations

Author Bertolino A., De Angelis G., Polini A., Silingas D.

In CSEDU 2016 - International Conference on Computer Supported Education - European Project Space (Rome, Italy, 22 June 2016).

Modern public administrations (PAs) are undergoing a profound transformation of their role, from rigid controllers to proactive service providers. However, PA services has to cope with quickly changing context such as : changes in law and regulations, societal globalization, fast technology evolution. As a result PA servants delivering such services to citizens are challenged to learn, to understand and to put in action latest procedures and rules within tight time constraints. The EC FP7 Project Learn PAd enables a model-driven learning approach, through an open platform fostering cooperation and knowledge-sharing and exploiting process simulation for an effective training and assessment. Learn PAd considers learning and working strongly intertwined (learning-while-doing). The platform supports both an informative learning approach based on enriched business process models, and a procedural learning approach based on simulation and monitoring (learning-by-doing). The Learn PAd platform organizes knowledge, and bases the learning activities, according to several model kinds permitting to describe the activities to perform by the PA servants and their working context. Also, the platform relies on formal verification and natural language processing techniques to ensure accuracy of content and documentation. Finally it exploits specialized ontologies and KPIs purposely defined to keep learners engaged.

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