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TitleKPIs 4 workplace learning

Author Emmenegger S., Hinkelmann K., Thönssen B., Witschel H. F.

In KMIS 2016 - KMIS 2016 8th International Conference on Knowledge Management and Information Sharing (Porto, 9.-11.11 2016). Proceedings, article n. 55. (Proceedings of the 8th International Joint Conference on Knowledge Discovery, Knowledge Engineering and Knowledge Management). SCITEPRESS, 2016.

Enterprises and Public Administrations alike need to ensure that newly hired employees are able to learn the ropes fast. Employers also need to support continuous workplace learning. Workplace learning should be strongly related to business goals and thus, learning goals should directly add to business goals. To measure achievement of both learning and business goals we propose augmented Key Performance Indicators (KPI). In our research we applied model driven engineering. Hence we developed a model for a Learning Scorecard comprising of business and learning goals and their KPIs represented in an ontology. KPI performance values and scores are calculated with formal rules based on the SPARQL Inferencing Notation. Results are presented in a dashboard on an individual level as well as on a team/group level. Requirements, goals and KPIs as well as performance measurement were defined in close cooperation with Marche Region, business partner in Learn PAd.

Subject Model Driven Engineering
Workplace Learning
Learning Scorecard

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