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TitleWorkplace Learning - Providing Recommendations of Experts and Learning Resources in a Context-sensitive and Personalized Manner

Author Emmenegger S., Hinkelmann K., Laurenzi E., Thönssen B., Witschel H. F., Zhang C.

In LMC0 2016 - MODELSWARD 2016, Special Session on Learning Modeling in Complex Organizations (Rome, 19.02. 2016). Proceedings, article n. 5. SCITEPRESS, 2016.

Support of workplace learning is increasingly important as change in every form determines today's working world in industry and public administrations alike. Adapt quickly to a new job, a new task or a new team is a major challenge that must be dealt with ever faster. Workplace learning differs significantly from school learning as it should be strictly aligned to business goals. In our approach we support workplace learning by providing recommendations of experts and learning resources in a context-sensitive and personalized manner. We utilize users' workplace environment, we consider their learning preferences and zone of proximal development, and compare required and acquired competencies in order to issue the best suited recommendations. Our approach is part of the European funded project Learn PAd. Applied research method is Design Science Research. Evaluation is done in an iterative process. The recommender system introduced here is evaluated theoretically based on user requirements and practically in an early evaluation process conducted by the Learn PAd application partner.

Subject Workplace Learning
Ontology Supported Learning
Personalized Learning
Recommender System
Public Administration

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