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TitleModeling for Learning in Public Administrations - The Learn PAd Approach

Author De Angelis G., Pierantonio A., Polini A., Re B., Thönssen B., Woitsch R.

In Domain-Specific Conceptual Modeling, Concepts, Methods and Tools. pp. 575 - 594. Dimitris Karagiannis, and Heinrich C. Mayr, and John Mylopoulos (eds.). EU: Springer, 2016.


DOI 10.1007/978-3-319-39417-6_26

Abstract This chapter describes a modeling method that has been conceived to support learning in public administrations. The modeling method foresees the description of both procedures in the public administrations, and the working context of the civil servants. The approach relies on several model types that are used to organize and to relate the knowledge needed by civil servants in order to perform their daily activities. Each model instance describes a view on the concerns expressed by the model type it conforms to. These descriptions intend to provide an easy way for civil servants to retrieve knowledge when they need to learn specific aspects of a procedure, and to make collaboration easier in order to enable the emergence of knowledge related to the procedures themselves. Indeed, the method comes with an infrastructure that allows to automatically set up a wiki-based collaborative platform enabling collaboration and knowledge sharing among the stakeholders involved in the activities of a Public Administration. This chapter mainly reports on the modeling method that was conceived and developed within the FP7 EU research project Learn PAd. Learning aspects, while clearly relevant for the project, will not be directly discussed here.

Subject Learning
Public administration
Business process management
Case management

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