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TitleLearn PAd Simulation Environment: Refined Architecture and Prototype Implementation

Author Zribi S.

D6.2 is the second deliverable of Learn PAd Work-Package 6, focusing on the Business Process Simulation environment. The document specifies the refined architecture of the Business Process Simulation Engine and the monitoring environment of the Learn PAd Platform on the one hand, and provides a first implementation of its initial prototype on the other. In particular, the current document describes gamification techniques that complement the logical architecture of the simulator (presented in D6.1) in order to provide an entertaining and engaging session with a learner in a simulated work context. To this end, we identify the main gamification mechanisms of the simulation and monitoring environment, their functionalities and their interactions. In the prototype part of this deliverable we briefly describe the delivered code. We start by detailing (1) how to work (get the sources, build and run the platform) with the Learn PAd Simulation and then (2) how to use it.

Subject Simulation and Monitoring Environment
Refined Architecture
Gamification Techniques
Scoring Mechanisms
Application Programmin Interface

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