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TitleLearn PAd Dissemination and Standardization

Author Januskevicius J.

This document presents a status report of the dissemination activities, planning how Learn PAd project achievements will be disseminated towards target audiences and how Learn PAd partners intend to exploit the project outcomes to obtain an effective impact. This is a first iteration version, revising what has been done in the first half of the project duration period and refining plans for the remaining months. The dissemination strategy identifies target audiences, channels, and dissemination content. It also provides and revises Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and their target values for M15 (now passed) and M30 that will be used to track and assess progresses. Moreover all involved partners present their own individual dissemination plan and how it will contribute to achieve the planned KPIs values. The initial exploitation strategy briefly presents some common principles and the expected exploitation items, which will be refined during the project. Also the initial individual exploitation plans presented by each partner will be refined and better detailed during the course of the project.

Subject Dissemination Stategy
Target Audience
Dissemination Channel
Dissemination Plan
Exploitation Strategy
Exploitation Items
Exploitation Plan
Collaborative Exploitation Approach
Individual Exploitation Plans

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