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TitleQuality Assessment Strategies for Contents

Author Ferrari A., Witschel H. F., Spagnolo G. O., Gnesi S.

In this deliverable we identify the quality assessment strategies for the natural language content associated to the Business Process Models (BP Models), within the Learn PAd project. The deliverable presents an in-depth domain analysis, including literature review, interviews with public administration (PA) stakeholders, and questionnaires submitted to PA stakeholders. Moreover, it defines a set of guidelines for editing natural language content in Learn PAd, and a quality model with associated rule-based and algorithmic strategies for computing the quality of such content. An experimental evaluation is presented concerning the potential usage of machine-learning techniques as a complementary tool for quality evaluation. The deliverable also introduces some technical details that pave the basis to successively create the content analysis component of the Learn PAd platform.

Subject BPMN
Business Process
Natural Language Content

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