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TitleRequirements Assessment Report

Author Efendioglu N.

This document presents assessment results that are acquired through the T1.3 activities; (1) collection of status of requirement from individual work packages that are directly commissioned for realization of identified requirements during the requirement analysis activities and (2) analysis and measurement of the realization status of requirements that are reported in individual work package assessment reports, and finally discovering the holistic status, which represents entire status throughout work packages. The document introduces the identified methodology for requirement assessment that enables discovering the holistic status for each requirement in each of the four Learn PAd system dimensions. The document presents, subsequently, individual assessment reports from seven work packages, which are used as input to discover holistic realization status of requirements within first 12-Month-Period. Afterwards, discovered holistic status and relevant statistics, collected observations and remarks are provided in the document to hand over them as input to upcoming evaluation activities.

Subject Requirement analysis
Requirement assessment
Learn PAd System Dimensions

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