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TitleBusiness Oriented Learn PAd Whitepaper

Author Woitsch R.


This paper introduces process oriented learning in form of five scenarios: (a) individual training, (b) organizational evolution, (c) business process support and reflection, (d) process optimization and improvement, (e) citizens transparency. Process oriented learning is introduced whereas (1) the business process defines the curriculum, (2) the knowledge product defines the required knowledge and (3) the knowledge sources identify the available knowledge. The end users are using the knowledge by learning, whereas the responsible decision makers and experts are managing the knowledge and the learning by appropriate learning goals and dashboards. The technological infrastructure using existing legacy applications that are integrated via a Web-based collaboration platform for learning purpose is introduced and some guidelines for the change towards process-oriented learning are highlighted.

Subject Process Oriented Learning
Process Oriented Knowledge Management
Individual Learning
Organizational Evolution
Performance improvements
Citizens transparency
IT-reference architecture

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