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TitleDesign and Initial Implementation of Metamodels for Describing Business Processes in Public Administrations

Author Pierantonio A.

This deliverable presents the working version of Learn PAd metamodel, which was designed and partially implemented in ADOxx and MagicDraw modeling environments. The metamodel captures the concepts that are used to model process-centric business architecture (process, motivation, organization structure, measurements, etc.) in sufficient detail to be useful for on-the-job learning in public administrations. It also provides the concepts for modeling knowledge objects and competencies in relationship to business architecture, which represents the learning perspective. This metamodel will be used as a platform-independent information structure for Learn PAd platform and will serve as a shared information contract between the platform and its components. The metamodel was designed using a well-defined methodology, which is also described in the deliverable. Learn PAd metamodel is defined in two abstraction levels a conceptual metamodel, which captures only model kinds, and a platform-independent metamodel, which provides detailed concepts and relationships reusing selected parts of the modeling standards such as BMM, BPMN, and CMMN when possible. The interrelationships between the concepts in different metamodels are captured in a separate weaving model in order to enable encapsulation of separate views that could be specified using isolated standard metamodels. Deliverable also contains the analysis of requirements satisfaction in the Learn PAd Platform-Independent Metamodel (LPIMM). The LPIMM is well elaborated and validated with initial examples, but it will still evolve during the project based on the feedback from use case implementations.

Subject Metamodel
Conceptual Metamodel
Platform Specific Metamodel
Domain-Specific Modeling Language
Model-Driven Engineering
Model-Driven Development
Weaving Model
Metamodel Stack
Organizational Metamodel
Competency Metamodel
Document and Knowledge Metamodel
Metamodel composition

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