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TitleBusiness Process Oriented Learning: A Collaborative Approach of Organisational Learning

Author Woitsch R., Efendioglu N.

In i-KNOW 2015 - 15th International Conference on Knowledge Technologies and Data-driven Business (Graz, Austria, 21-22 October 2015). Proceedings, article n. 49. ACM, 2015.


Process Oriented Training and Learning can be applied in two different approaches: (a) processes describing the methodology of training and learning as well as (b) processes describing the organizational context that need to be learned. This paper intrudes the results of the EU project Learn PAd that developed prototypes of modelling tools enabling business processes for learning and training. Flexibility of business processes have been introduced with case management and knowledge artefacts of PROMOTE had been integrated to provide a complete modelling environment fulfilling the identified 101 requirements for the modelling language. The local deployment and the Web-based deployment of the developed prototypes are introduced and the development space that enables collaborative participation of the development and improvement of the prototypes on is introduced.

Subject Meta Modelling
Modelling Method Development
Process-Oriented Learning

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