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TitleCollaborative Repositories in Model-Driven Engineering

Author Di Rocco J., Di Ruscio D., Iovino L., Pierantonio A.

In SOFTWARE TECHNOLOGY, vol. 3 pp. 28 - 34. IEEE Software, 2015.


DOI 10.1109/MS.2015.61

Model- driven engineering (MDE) is increasingly used across industries to abstract designs and viewpoints. Development productivity improves owing to faster change cycles. However, many current MDE tools are suitable for drawing but won't scale up. Roundtrip for maintenance, tool interoperability, and team collaboration are far from industry needs. But there's a light on the horizon with a new generation of MDE tools. In this issue's column, Alfonso Pierantonio and his team provide an overview of recent MDE technologies. I look forward to hearing from both readers and prospective column authors about this column and the technologies you want to know more about.

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