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TitlePragmatic Ambiguity Detection in Natural Language Requirements

Author Ferrari A., Lipari G., Gnesi S., Spagnolo G. O.

In AIRE 2014 (Karlskrona, Sweden, 26 August 2014). Proceedings, pp. 1 - 8. IEEE, 2014.

This paper presents an approach for pragmatic ambiguity detection in natural language requirements. Pragmatic ambiguities depend on the context of a requirement, which includes the background knowledge of the reader: different backgrounds can lead to different interpretations. The presented approach employs a graph-based modelling of the background knowledge of different readers, and uses a shortest-path search algorithm to model the pragmatic interpretation of a require- ment. The comparison of different pragmatic interpretations is used to decide if a requirement is ambiguous or not. The paper also provides a case study on real-world requirements, where we have assessed the effectiveness of the approach.

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