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TitleTowards Analysing Non-Determinism in Bidirectional Transformations

Author Eramo R., Marinelli R., Pierantonio A., Rosa G.

In AMT - Analysis of Model Transformations (Valencia, Spain, 29 Settembre 2014). Proceedings, pp. 76 - 85., 2014.


In Model-Driven Engineering, the potential advantages of using bidirectional transformations are largely recognized. Despite its crucial function, bidirectionality has somewhat limited success also because of the ambivalence concerning non-bijectivity. In fact, in certain situations more than one admissible solution is in principle possible, despite most of the current languages generate only one model at time, possibly not the desired one. In this paper, we propose to manage non-determinism during the design process. The approach aims to analyze bidirectional transformations with the purpose to detect ambiguities and support designers in solving non-determinism in their specification.

Subject model driven engineering
bidirectional model transformations
change propagation

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